The Uses Of Different Paint Finishes


One of the things that makes paint the fact that it comes in a range of different finishes, which gives a choice when sprucing up your property. These finishes or sheens include: flat or matte, eggshell, satin, glossy and decorative and “”faux”” finishes. Each of these paint finishes has its own characteristics and uses.

Uses of Different Paint Finishes

Glossy paint finishes come with two choices: high gloss and semi-gloss. Semi-gloss tends to be very shiny and has a super-smooth, even surface that is tough and light-reflecting. The tough surface offered by this finish is easy to clean and extremely durable; and will withstand a lot of abuse and still look like new. Because of this, semi-gloss paints are used to cover walls and woodwork that are subject to wear or those exposed to staining (i.e. kid’s room, kitchens and bathrooms. Paints with a semi-gloss finish are also ideal for baseboards, doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, weatherboards and exterior cementitious surfaces.

High gloss finish shares many of the same characteristics with semi-gloss, but is in most cases even more light-reflective and more durable. These finishes cannot be used on walls due to their overpowering nature, but they can be a great choice for areas that are exposed to heavy traffic or heavy use, particularly where sticky fingers or fingerprints, stains, grease and grime are common – like on furniture, cabinets, doors and decorative trim.

Paints with a satin finish have a silky, shiny surface, but they are not as bright as glossy paints. Like glossy paints, they have a surface that reflects light very well (but not as highly light-reflective as glossy paints) and is durable. The satin-finished surface is tough and will withstand beatings; and is also very easy to clean. Consequently, it’s used to cover walls or furniture in high-traffic areas such as kid’s bedrooms, hallways, foyers, family rooms, and other rooms that need more constant upkeep.

Flat or matte finish, as the name suggests, is a paint finish that has very little brightness. It is meant to hide flaws and, therefore, has very little shine and does not reflect much light at all. Because it contains the most pigment (high density), it is able to cover a large area thereby providing an economical selection in covering large spaces in the home. This finish is, unfortunately, not always very durable and can be tough to spot clean without taking the paint off with the stains. It is typically used in adult bedrooms, studies and other rooms that don’t require constant upkeep and are not subject to a lot of wear.

Paints with eggshell are dull and look a lot like those with a matte finish. However, these paints are a little bit shinier and tend to be slightly more durable. Also, they are easier to spot clean compared to those with a matte finish. Because it only has little sheen, this finish will hide those brushstrokes and drips and still stand up to wear and tear – unlike the matte finish. It is ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, and family rooms – rooms that get regular use or slightly heavy traffic but don’t require the kind of care a child’s bedroom or kitchen may require.

Decorative finishes consist of specialty finishes that are custom made for specialty projects or specific areas such as accent walls. Homeowners can use these finishes or mix paints to achieve a more unique look.

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Use Quality Paint to Enhance the Durability and Appearance of Your Project


Virtually any painting project’s appearance is defined by the finish used. Since different types of projects have unique needs, it’s important to discuss your project with paint professionals before a specific finish type is selected. Doing so can save a great deal of time and money for New Zealand business owners, as failing to use the best finish option generally leads to problems later. Painting contractors will advise clients to consider several factors when making paint selections. Here are some of the key considerations that Colour Tech ( discuss with each of their clients.

Consider the Environment

When a painted surface will be subjected to harsh weather conditions, it will require an entirely different type of paint than a surface that’s in a protected space. In cases where heat is an issue, high temperature paint may be the only logical option. However, if the environment is less extreme, but still somewhat rugged, other coatings may be better options.

Some industrial coatings may even be used for projects where exposure to chemicals is anticipated, which necessitates the selection of a finish designed to withstand that type of exposure. Professionals from Colour Tec routinely work with clients facing multiple needs and develop strategies to deal with each specific situation.

When Looks are Important

Different types of paint allow users to select a finish that provides a specific look. Paints are readily available in satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes. That level of flexibility makes it possible to obtain the desired look while still enjoying a high-quality finish that will stand up to abuse and inclement weather conditions. Painting professionals can assist with the selection of a paint that will provide the desired results for any project.

Don’t Forget to Ask About Costs

Budgets are important, and that suggests the cost of every painting project should be carefully reviewed to ensure the end result will deliver the desired look while staying within the required financial parameters. The powder coating cost, for example, might be higher than your existing budget however most projects will benefit from a going with a higher initial cost if the long-term expenses are less.

If you are considering any type of painting project, including the use of high temperature paint in NZ, the experts at Colour Tec recommend reviewing the project with their staff to ensure the best options are selected. To get started, contact them today via the website at